Make a referral

As a specialist Dental and Medical practitioner Dr Lisa Crighton requires a referral from a Dentist or a GP.

Dr Lisa Crighton is committed to providing excellent pre-operative, surgical and post-operative care for patients.

Your referral can be made by letter, fax or email. As we are moving towards a digital practice email is our preferred method for any correspondence, including x-rays.

Contact us to make a referral

Ph: 03 9686 9400
Fax: 03 9686 9411

For referring practitioners

In order for our practice to provide you and your patients the best possible treatment course, we ask that you provide the following information for all new patient consultations:

  • Letter of referral including your current treatment plan for the patient and details of your request for treatment to be provided by Dr Lisa Crighton. Please contact our office if you would prefer to use our printed referral pads, these can be sent to your office today
  • A current OPG (within 12 months) or periapical radiograph of the area of concern.

Our aim is to provide you and your patients with the best care, attention, and inform you every step along the way of your patient’s treatment course. Every effort is made to send written correspondence to you after your patient’s initial consultation, surgery and post-operative appointments within 2 days of the patient’s appointment.

Please do not hesitate to contact our office at any time should you have any questions regarding the status of your patients care.